Hey there Spookster Squad! Kiki, Cord, and JC (and sometimes Kayla!) here! If you're new to us, we are a bi-weekly podcast that delves into the paranormal, the strange, and the peculiar slices of Pennsylvania and the surrounding Northeast US. One of our main goals is to help current paranormal investigative teams with in-depth research into some of the North East's most haunted sites. We check to see if the haunting or legend matches with historical fact, disseminate that information, and give our listeners an educated guess on the likelihood of the haunting or legend being legitimate. We've been known to debunk a few things already! Another goal is to start our OWN investigative team, delving further into those hauntings and legends that appear to be rooted in historical fact.  We also add an educational aspect to most of our topics. For example, talking about important historical landmarks, encouraging volunteerism & donations to historical sites that desperately need them, and giving mini history lessons on some of Pennsylvania's most important citizens.  We have so much more planned and every little contribution helps. The more support we get, the more time we can devote to doing what we love - bringing our listeners exciting stories and compelling first-hand interviews of the haunted!